Sunday, 4 December 2016

Recon 2016

Recon has always been one of my favourite shows.  I remember on of the very early ones in a church hall in Headingley with about five stalls.  It's grown quite a bit since then.
I met good friend 'Merlin' there and we had a good look around.
There were some impressive demonstration and participation games going on.
This WWII game featured the Home Guard of Walmington-on-Sea.  The REdcar Ironbeards were responsible.

I've always admired these guys (Sheffield and Rotherham Wargames Society, I think).
 Their teddy bear western games look great fun, if nothing else the minis and the terrain are excellent.

Dragon Rampant by the East Leeds Militaria.  I play this in 15mm, their 28mm game looked splendid.

Witch racing anyone?  I would have happily tried this, but I think I got there at lunch time.

Purchase-wise it was a slow day for me; just a couple of packs of Reaper Bones, a pot of paint and some clear bases from Sally 4th.  Usefully, the proprietor of Sally 4th is experimenting with ways of multi basing for clear bases; very useful for Warpath.
We also several boxes of the new Dr Who miniatures game from Warlord.  There were Judoon, Xygons and a box containing the 10th Doctor with four companions (seriously, Wilf?).  Nice, if a bit spindly to my eyes.  No rules though, so I'll wait.
I think there might have been another box of aliens, but I can't remember what.  Also I seem to have lots of tick marks drawn on my arms.

Mantic Open Day part three

A final look at the odd bits and pieces.
One of the highlights for me was the tour of the workshop.
In previous years Mantic have provided a 'show special' miniature as part of the admission price.
This year they ran tours of the workshop, demonstrating how the models are developed from artist's drafts to molds to minis.  We then chose one of several minis to take, and watched the process of casting.

No sign of any chocolate rivers though

We also saw some painted masters of the main Star Saga minis.  I am looking forward to this, not least because many of the minis will do very nicely for Deadzone.

If you liked this, check out T'Other One's blog as he has more pictures, especially of anything zombie related.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Mantic Open Day take two

As the game is soon to be released, The Walking Dead was noticeable by its presence.
There were some nice painted versions of the wave two minis.
I particularly like the new Rick figure to the left near the back (Spoilers!)
There were participation games running all day as well;

The bit I enjoyed the most was the table with undercoated Walkers and appropriate Army painter paints. 
Both T'Other One and I had a go and managed a good tabletop standard in under 15 minutes.
A blurred T'Other One inspects his Walker 
Out efforts near the centre of the picture with the gray bases.
But the really impressive painting was on the big display boards;

There are lots of little story vignettes if you look closely, such as Rick and Glen with the bag of guns.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Mantic Open Day

Last Saturday was the Mantic Open Day.  I managed to get there with good friend T'Other One, and we had a great time.
As there was quite a lot going on, I'll cover different topics in different posts.
Firstly there was Kings of War.  You couldn't miss the huge display game put on by COGS.

A lot of very nicely painted and models troops and terrain, the windmill sails even turned, and apparently there was a light inside the church (though it was too bright to see).
I don't know how it turned out, but everyone seemed to be having a good time, and it demonstrated one of the strengths of Kings of War; being able to play massive games.
There was also a participation game involving flying creatures.
I've certainly never seen this done before.  It looks great fun.  Sadly I never got the chance to join in.
Also for KoW, one of the rules committee was running a tactics seminar.
Finally, I managed to bag a troop of Orc Gore Riders in a bargain bag; excellent value.