Thursday, 10 November 2016

Crafting Fungi

I promised you an amusing fellow, here he is.

The party met him in the same wizard's tower they met the various monstrous plants.  For some reason he got called 'Bob', which seems to be the group's stock 'silly NPC' name.  As only the party wizard could understand him, via Comprehend Languages', there were lots of 'I am Bob' jokes.
Bob is a Reaper Miniatures mushroom person I painted especially for the adventure.  He was so much fun that I will get teh other tow minis in teh set done soon.

Bob wasn't alone; there were lots of other fungi in the chamber and I made these myself.

The main material for all these was that rubbery foam that packs some electrical goods.  I thought the large pores in it worked well as the holes the fungi use to distribute spores (or something, O Level Biology was a long time ago).
The stalks were cocktail or barbeque sticks, and the smoother texture on the caps was DIY filler.  The branches on the Violet Fungus was taken from a plastic coral from a pet shop.  Extra shaping, e.g. the stalks, is hot glue.
Everything was hot glued to washers and painted.
I made four of each kind, so I have plenty to use in the future.

Quick Update:
Bob came second in an online painting competition on the DMs Craft forum.
(O.K, there may only have been six entries, but even so)