Monday, 31 October 2016

Ideal Halloween plus more from the garden

With perfect timing Mantic's The Walking Dead: All Out War arrived today.
I've tried the playtest version already and enjoyed it, so I am looking forward to playing the full version.
Nice box art

Plenty of minis. this is the Kickstarter edition, so includes quite a bit more, I especially like the Walker Ronnie figure.

The components are good, and the resin crashed cars are extra fun.

A little while ago I showed an in game shot of my latest modelling, some less than peaceful plants for D&D games.  Here are some better shots, including the Ambush Vines T'Otherone mentioned.  All are made using DM Scotty's techniques.  They were fun to build, and looked good on table.

Two hungry Ambush Vines

Two (hopefully) less vicious plants.

Next time I'll show you some more of my crafting to demonstrate what an amusing fellow I can be, and I'll get some comparative shots of the Walking Dead and Conan minis.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Garden Crafting

Here is a quick picture of some of my more recent crafts for RPG.
You can't see much in terms of individual crafts, but the overall effect of a chamber full of tropical vegetation comes across nicely (I hope).
The pieces were simple to do, merely pieces of plastic plants hot glued to washers and textured.
I'll put up more detail, as well as some better pics if anyone is interested.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Orc Krudger

The first 'Orc tober' post, a Krudger I painted for a local painting competition.

The mini is the orc warlord from 'The Warlord of Galahir' expansion for Dungeon Saga; actually the resin collector's version.

The figure is very nice, and (confession time) the first resin miniature I have ever painted.  I wish now that I had got more of the resin specials for dungeon Saga.

I went for muted 'naturalistic' tones, and he is based on broken pillars to fit in with my Kings of War orc army.

Sadly he didn't win, though gaming group honour is preserved, as that category was won by T'Other One.

Monday, 10 October 2016

A Big Box of Hyborian Goodness

Well two actually.

This is the long awaited Conan Boardgame Kickstarter. Finally. 
The two boxes contain the game and the stretch goals.  I didn't go for any add-ons, just as well as they are being released later.

 Box 1, the game itself.  A nice bit of artwork that would look good on the cover of any Conan book.
A rough idea of the contents.  Remember this is only one box out of two.

At first sight not very impressive.

But there are two trays of minis, jsut drink in all their plastic glory

O.K. lots of identical poses, but they will come in very useful I'm sure.

Box two, our hero in a more contemplative mood.

I hope that gribbly thing is inside.

Rules and cards

Another two trays of minis, plus some bigger bits at the top

Second tray, including the furniture.

At first glance I'm very impressed.  I should confess that I got this lot more for the minis than the game, however, I'm sure we can have a fun game or two as well.
I will comment more on the quality of the minis in a later post when I have had time to fully inspect them.  My initial thoughts are that they are of good boardgame standard.  They are the equal of the Dungeon Saga minis, if not slightly better, and easily better than many of the D&D prepaints.  The only disappointment is the furniture, which has plain surfaces rather than textured to represent wood etc.  Dungeon Saga scores far higher on that.

Long Time, No See

"Meesa Back"
After a while of sorting things out and trying to find the inspiration to post again I thought I ought to get back online.  (No it's not just the excuse to start an 'Orc-tober' thread).

I haven't been idle with crafting and painting, including a lot of bits for both my D&D groups.  Yes I now run two groups, as my daughter asked me if I could introduce her and a group of her friends to the hobby.  I have been building floor plans and some furniture ans similar to use in the games, more on that as and when I get round to posting the pics.

Whilst I have your attention, I should mention Mantic's latest Kickstarter (yes, thats a surprise).
Star Saga, or Dungeon Saga in Space.