Monday, 4 July 2016

July Already, Round-up and Tidy Up

This month will be dedicated to tidying up and finishing off various projects (not that an army is ever really finished).

First up is a re-basing project I have mentioned before, my 15mm Rat-men.

I have had these for many years, originally painted up for Hordes of the Things, then Warhammer in 15mm. I tried them last year for Warband, now I'm getting them ready for Dragon Rampant.

This is a 24 pt force, the difficulty was more what to class things as than do I have enough.  I hope to try them against Merlin's armies soon so I can decide what makes a balanced and effective force.  As a contrast to my orcs I wanted to go for a big army, it's only one unit short of the maximum allowed.

The minis are very old Pendrakken figures (technically 10mm), also available in strips from Kallistra, and the paint job is pretty old too.  I certainly wouldn't paint them like that if I were starting them now, fortunately they are mostly painted already, just a bit of basing to sort out.

I'll try and get round to showing what I got done in Deadzone June tomorrow, and maybe more on what I have planned for this month's stuff.