Friday, 21 August 2015

Still Here

I haven't posted recently, but I haven't been idle.

Further work on my Frostgrave warband, and I realise I need two, so other players can join in, starting probably with my son.  Since the first warband was entirely made up of pre/repaint D&D minis the second one will probably be the official minis.  I got a Thaumaturge and apprentice with the 'Nickstarter' along with the plastic soldiers box and a metal templar and knight.  Out of this I should be able to make a band.

In other news I received my Kings of War and Dreadball Extreme packages from Mantic.  DBX was so long ago I had forgotten what i ordered, so everything was a pleasant surprise.  I have already put one of the minis aside to make a guest appearance in D&D (a no-prize if anyone can guess which one).

All I got in KoW was the rulebooks (the hardback hasn't been dispatched yet).  Two goblin war engines which are lovely and can be built in two different ways, and the free Blaine on dinosaur and Ronaldo the Bard.  Blaine is great, the best version of him so far.  Ronaldo is fun, though I'm not sure quite what he is playing.  It looks like a small lute, but the peg box on mine was so bent it was hard to tell.

Oh, and I got 50 dice!

(Pictures will be added as and when)

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Frostgrave 3: Things to Find (and Avoid)

Work progresses (slowly) on my Frostgrave warband and various associated stuff.

I have now painted up the six resin cast treasure tokens which came with the 'Nickstarter'.


They look a little dark as I am still experimenting with photographing minis.

The game features wandering monsters, many of which are familiar fantasy gaming types, so i raided my box(es) of D&D pre painted minis to provide the bulk of them.  Of course, I couldn't leave alone, so I have been repainting them.  I suspect this hasn't saved me any time, but it is fun, and I now have better minis for roleplay as well.  They are completed, but still waiting for varnish.

Here we have a White Ape, a Wraith and an Imp.  Or in their D&D days a Taer, a Cursed Spirit and a Gnaw Demon.  All have been completely re painted, though it was a quick job in all cases.  The bases are the original bases with cracks carved in to represent flagstones (or in the Imp's case, simply painted on).  This works fine for most figures, but I will be using some of my own made flagstone bases on other minis.

Finally, the completed warband minis.  One man and his dog, only waiting for eight of their friends.

A quick word about the ruins, they are from Fat Dragon's Ravenfell set, specifically the ruins.  the great thing is not only do they look good and add a third dimension to play, but they fold down flat (or almost) saving storage space and making transport easier.  They even have a layer to show snow, though I turned it off for the interiors.  I shall be building more of these, and also probably making some ruined walls out of insulation foam.