Monday, 29 June 2015

Goblin Hood, Goblin Hood, riding through the Wood.

Finished at last!  For a quick army these are taking some time to do.  Maybe if I spent less time reading other people's blogs....

I'm pretty pleased with these, I think the overall effect is good.  I am looking out for some 'leaf litter' to add, but otherwise all that needs doing is sticking magnetic basing on the bottom.
next up either some trolls, a war machine or some characters, or possible a re-basing project I need to finish soon for a different game system

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Matt the Goblin

A quick post of the goblins in all their matt goodness.

I think the shading of the dip looks fine, though I may be tempted to give a quick drybrush just to highlight.
That said, they are supposed to be a quick paint job, so it can wait until everything is based up.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Ooo, Shiny Goblins

The goblin cavalry have had their 'dip'.  I think they look a lot better; not award winning by any means, but quite good enough for the table top.

A word of warning.  I rushed these and didn't take the time to wick of any excess dip.  I brush the dip on rather than actually dipping it as this gives me more control.  Nevertheless, as it pools and dries it can obscure some detail and over shadow some areas.  in the case of the fleabags, some of the lower mouths are a little dark, and there was a pool on the banner, but fortunately I spotted that one in time.
The gloss varnish will provide welcome protection from greasy grubby fingers, but the gloss is far too 'toy soldier', so the next stage will be a coat of Army Painter anti shine.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Goblin Cavalry part 2

Yes, I know, its been a while.
Anyway, here's the latest progress on the Goblin Fleabag Riders.
Standard bearer, the flag is meant to fit in with the 'destroying the forest' theme.

The standard is simply the foil from a wine bottle (the sacrifices I make for this hobby), deliberately cut ragged and misaligned to emphasize the makeshift nature of the goblin army.  I like the flag design and it might well reappear in other units.

Ordinary trooper.  I hope the clothing isn't too bright

The Goblin Captain
The minis have all had their base coats done.  As these are a quick army (yeah, right) the next stage is to use 'dip'.   I use Army Painter's Quickshade, usually the Strongtone.  If you don't know this stuff it's great for quickly finishing minis where its the overall look rather than individual detail.  It acts as a combined wash and gloss varnish, so requires a coat of matt varnish afterwards. I have used the stuff successfully on my KoW Orc army and on the goblins in the earlier posts among other projects. it's not great for character figures where quality of fine detail might be important, but it is a real time saver when doing units like this.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Absolute Madness

Just a quick pointer to this thread on the Reaper Miniatures Forum
Buglips is painting up the Dragons Don't Share 2 set in seven days!!!!
That's one talented goblin.