Thursday, 28 May 2015

Customer Service

Just a quick note to comment on customer service.
In the past I have had excellent service from Mantic Games, and even GW used to be rather generous in correcting mistakes.
Regular readers may remember that a couple of my Reaper Bones 2 minis were missing, replaced by duplicates of other minis (the skeleton archer was shown in an earlier post)
Well today a box arrived all the way from Reaper in the U.S. with the missing Egyptian style statue and a pack of three of the skeleton archers!  Whats more I get to keep the duplicated minis I originally got.
Well done Reaper.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Colour Me Impressed

Just had to share this image of one of the new vehicles planned for Mantic Games' Warpath, currently undergoing testing (the game, not the vehicle, though you never know)

Very nice 'hard Sci Fi' look

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Goblins on ????

I started work on these Goblin Fleabag riders some time ago, but got sidetracked into building the terrain for the Lost Library.
I mentioned that cats can be hazardous, well I had the goblins undercoated and drying on the windowsill outside when the local large tom pushed past and knocked them off.  Restic isn't particularly brittle, so the only damage was the end of the horn, the tip f one shield and the shafts for one spear and the standard.
Fortunately, Restic is easy to drill, so a bit of pinning later and all is fine.

I think the horn (borrowed from the Elf command sprue) looks better shorter, and the chipped shield just adds a bit more character.

As with the spitters (archers) I am going for a scenic base with less than the listed number of minis.  five of the eight are built up as normal, one, with a fancier helmet, has a sword stolen form the Skeleton sprue, the musician, as previously mentioned has raided an elven music shop, and the standard is simply a spear with some foil from the top of a wine bottle.

The minis went together quite well, a few gaps were easily filled with liquid green stuff.  It also helps to heat the pieces in very hot water (CAREFULLY) and push them together, as this allows them to bend into shape a bit, but I was impatient.  If you try this be very careful, hot water is, as the name suggests, hot.  When you are happy with the result plunge the bits into cold water to 'set' the new shape.

All have been undercoated with Army Painter Leather Brown spray; this provides a good base for painting and will also give colour for straps, leather armour, belts etc.

Next up will be base colours.

Monday, 18 May 2015

What a Weekend

Well Saturday was a busy day.  First the Mantic Open Day, then the Sheffield Triples.
The highlight of the Open Day (for me at least) was the seminar with Ronnie Renton (Mantic's big boss man) and Jake Thornton (games Designer of, among others, Dreadball, Deadzone and Dungeon Saga).
Much was said concerning Deadzone Infestation and the ongoing work to streamline the game.
At one point we saw one of the production sculpts of the dragon from Dungeon Saga.  Wow.
The Tyrant of Halpi, Dungeon Saga Dragon.

Although Ronnie billed this as a 'board game piece' the detail is great.  All the DS minis I saw were of this quality, and I am really looking forward to getting my set.
Now if the Conan board game pieces are this good.....
The shop had the usual open day deals and I was able to get some mounted archers for my goblin army.  I traded in Mantic points for 'Coach Orcy' for my Dreadball team, and picked up some loose sprues for Deadzone.  
There was a great atmosphere and I met up with many old acquaintances.  My only complain was that I couldn't hear my phone, so didn't find out for hours that the water had been cut off at home.

Then on to the Sheffield Triples.  This is a show I always try and get to.  The newish venue, the English Institute of Sport, is ideal with loads of space and good lighting in most of the rooms (unlike Fiasco, where it is always a surprise to see what you have bought when you get it out into daylight).

I bought some Reaper Bones and Reaper paints and a few odds and ends.  Not much i know, but time and money are a bit short, so I was happy.
Only regret was not picking up a pack of the new Crooked Dice  companion minis.  These look amazingly like companions to a well known time traveler who has recently celebrated his 50th birthday...
Also a mention for these minis;

I liked the old school 'Squat' vibe and I am told there is a set of rules in production for them.  Other ranges are available, but it was these that caught my eye.  If you like them I believe you can get them from Macrocosm

Wednesday, 13 May 2015


Its not like I don't have enough to do, but a friend brought this to my attention, Frostgrave.
They are running a 'sort of Kickstarter', with free shipping if orders placed before 15th.
I'm not sure which set of wizards appeals to me the most, but I definitely get a Mordheim vibe form this.

An extra plus is that my Fat Dragon Ravenfell terrain should do nicely, it even has the option to add snow layers.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Something (to do) for the weekend

Just a brief mention of tow great events for the UK wargamer this weekend.
Saturday is the Mantic (spring) Open Day at their offices in Nottingham.  Tickets are available on their webstore, but everyone who buys one gets more than the value back in Mantic product, and this time you get to choose.
The day should be full of fun, lots of new stuff being played and shown off, and the now famous Ronnie's Q&A where the boss himself traditionally reveals many of his plans for the future.

The Sheffield Triples are on Saturday and Sunday.  This has always been my big local show and I  look forward to having a good browse around the stands, seeing what is new, and finding that one mini or piece of terrain that I didn't know I needed, but I just have to have.

This year i am trying to do both!  Wish me luck

Secrets Revealed; The Lost Library

The secret project mentioned earlier is a build for my D&D group.

The Lost Library is a 'Petra' like complex in the desert.  I have used Fat Dragon terrain for the build, it is currently my favorite for 3D terrain.
Looking in through the enntrance

One of the side galleries

The far section of the main chamber, complete with pool and statue

High gallery in the far section

The heroes of Winterhaven enter the library, unaware that something lurks within (Reconstruction)

The build provides multiple levels for interesting play, along with lots of doors to investigate.  In play the party were chased in by feathered fiends, only to find more fiends within.  They have to explore whilst avoiding the fiends, or find some way to clear them all out....