Thursday, 30 April 2015


Hobby time is currently mostly given over to a secret project.  As this is for my roleplayers, and they 'love' a surprise, you will all have to wait until after the unveiling in a couple of weeks.

Meanwhile I will post pictures of my goblin fleabag riders undercoated, and explain why cats and spears don't mix (don't worry, no cats were harmed in the assembly f the goblin cavalry).

Friday, 24 April 2015

Goblins in the Woods

The goblins are finished!!
Actually on the table top they probably would be, but i rather like the little critters.  They remind me of some of Brian Froud's work.

Unit basing means I can get away with only having 15 goblins on here to represent a regiment of 20.  Kings of War doesn't have casualty removal; damage points are recorded, but the regiment fights at full strength until wavered or routed.

I'll put details of my painting method up next time I do some goblins.  In the meantime I am building a regiment of Fleabag Riders.  These are made form Mantic's infamous Restic, an unholy hybrid of resin and plastic.  

Its not really that bad, but the pieces are fiddly; not helped by my desire to alter some of them to make command figures.  As with most things in life, there is a technique to be learned, then they don't seem too bad at all, and when built they are lovely minis.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Bases Update

I have now finished a couple of the bases, enough so I can start basing up an already painted regiment of 'Spitters' (goblin archers) and the Fleabag Riders (cavalry) I am currently working on.

Since the previous post they have had a coat of Vallejo Game Color Earth, then a drybrush of Vallejo Model Color Sand.  The trees were painted black, then drybrushed VGC Charred Brown then Cold Grey.  A final touch of VGC Bone White over everything brought out the highlights.  The areas of cut or broken wood were VMC Sand, washed with sepia wash.

A few patches of static grass and clump foliage completes the job, though if I can find some of those 'leaves' that come from birch seed pods I will scatter them around.

The Spitters fit nicely on their base, the leader stands on the tree stump directing his forces, and no doubt hoping to be ignored by the enemy.  The Fleabag base is less successful.  If I had angled the logs the other way then they would have made a great perch for some of the riders.  Unfortunately the fleabag's legs don't fit on as I have modeled it.  Oh well, they will just have to be placed on either side of the logs.  I will be doing more regiments of cavalry, so next time I will get it right.  I'm sure there is a version of 'measure twice, cut once' in play here.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Back To Bases

Well its been a while....  sometimes real life gets in the way, but back on track, if a slightly different track.

As I have mentioned before, my favorite fantasy wargames rules at the moment are Kings of War, by Mantic Games.  I already have a good sized orc army (though of course it isn't finished) and I could put together a kingdoms of Men force from my old Empire stuff.  But since ther is a new set of rules on the way I fancied a new army.

Over the past year or so I have amassed quite a few goblins.  time to put some paint on them.
First I wanted to come up with some sort of theme.  My orcs are based up as if marching through the ruins of some once proud city.  Given that one of my regular opponents has elves, I decided woodland would be a nice touch, woodlands with the trees chopped down, uprooted or burnt.

In KoW its the footprint of the unit that matters, not the number of miniatures.  This encourages scenic bases, so I set to work on some for my first few units of goblins.

Here are the bases with undercoat and awaiting drybrushing and various forms of foliage.

125mmx10mm base for a regiment of cavalry

100mmx80mm base for a regiment of infantry

100mmx80mm base for another regiment of infantry

All bases are 4mm MDF.  The trees are bits of a creeper trimmed from a garden (with the owner's permission) and fixed with hot glue.  I used the hot glue to make roots for the tree stumps too.
My normal texture is just sand glued in place, but I liked the effect of filler (or spackle) as used on my Barsoom board, so I tried a similar effect with Milliput.  The effect was less impressive than I would have liked, though it did give a pleasing unevenness to the bases, so I have glued some patches of sand on anyway.