Thursday, 26 March 2015

Kickwatch - Deadzone Infestation

Kickwatch is where I will mention Kickstarter campaigns I am following or backing.

As a Pathfinder for Mantic I have to mention this one, its a squad level game set in the Warpath/Dreadball universe using the Deadzone rules and introducing a new (to DZ) race, the Veer-myn (space rats).
The campaign introduces more of the excellent terrain, this time with an industrial theme, and aims to produce hard plastic sprues for the Veer-myn and Enforcer Pathfinders; maybe even for other races too.
The Veer-myn advance

An example of the sort of terrain available.
I understand the rules are getting a refresh too with some of the unwieldier elements of the original game (campaign system, I'm looking at you) being reworked.

If you like the look of the terrain, but the game doesn't do it for you there is a terrain only pledge level too.

One of the great things about this game is that everything is compatible with the Warpath game, which hopefully will see a full release sometime this year.  

If you want to look more the Kickstater campaign is here Deadzone: Infestation and the current version of the Warpath rules are here

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

More Caves

Just a quick post to show the Heroic Maps cave tiles in use again, this time some of the smaller, more modular tiles.
The Heroes of Winterhaven delve deeper into the Serpent Folk lair.
The background (which is simply the host's table cloth) is particularly effective.  One slight issue is the narrowness of some of the passages.  As we currently still use grids it leads to a bit of fudging, with minis standing inside walls in some places, If we manage to go gridless then this will be less of an issue, those tunnels will really be choke points.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Choices, choices

Well I just got the pledge manager for the 2nd edition Kings of War kickstarter.  I love the first edition, and the changes to the new edition seem pretty sensible from what I have seen.
The kickstarter campaign far exceeded its goal of funding a new rulebook, so now I have to decide if I want any of the new stuff.

If I am being sensible I would say no; I already have a good sized orc army, and plenty more to paint, plus small elf, undead and dwarf forces painted.  Unpainted I have goblins and ogres.
But the two new armies, Abyssals (demons) and Forces of Nature (elemental type warriors plus druids etc) look very nice from what has been shown.
On the other hand, members of my regular wargaming group are after these themselves, so it doesn't make much sense to duplicate.
There are still plenty of new minis, from ogre braves to a whole slew of character figures.  The only orc mini set is the Wardrum, so I guess certainly one of those.

If you haven't tried kings of War, the rules (first edition only at the moment) are available free, yes free, on the Mantic Games website.

I should say at this point that I am a Pathfinder for Mantic Games, which means I demo their product at shows and in stores etc in exchange for free product.  This suggests a certain amount of bias, but as my hobby time is limited, I like to think I wouldn't waste it on games that I thought were no good.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Nine Down, Lots To Go

And a bit of a wash and a highlight later....
All nine Shambling Dead skeletons.

Which reminds me, I should look at making some sort of backdrop, possibly a light box too, if I am going to post decent photos on here.

Overall I am pretty pleased with these.  Between them they make a good encounter, and I can see an low level 5th ed adventure featuring a crypt or similar.

They were pretty easy to paint too.  I am not aiming for award winning paint jobs, just something to put on the table.  I may add a green glow in the eye sockets at some point, and I am not sure yet if I should varnish them.
Not sure what next, I want to do more to Barsoom, I have both Dreadball and Deadzone teams/factions to paint and a Kings of War project to complete before Easter's battle with Merlin. Some card terrain for D&D might be needed too, so no chance of getting bored then....

Bones Bones

So far I have shown very little in the way of actual painting.  So here is a batch of skeletons from Bones 2.  These nine undead should prove useful in many low to mid level dungeons, and are part of my plan to assemble sets of dungeon monsters for 5th Edition D&D.
They are from the Shambling Dead pack in Bones 2, but mine contained two of the 'undressed' skeleton archer so i am missing the archer wearing the hood.  I just need to root out the skeletons from Bones 1 to make a round dozen.

Here is my current progress; I intend to rebase all minis to give a unifying look.  The bases are made from MDF discs from Warbases covered with a thin skin of greenstuff and textured using home made stamps.
The skeletons have a base coat, once  everything is dry I will wash and highlight them before adding the bases and possibly varnishing to protect the paint.
Progress so far

Close up of three of the skeletons...

...and a rear view

More detail

These are intended to be quick paint jobs, after all, they are only skeletons and probably wont last long.

The minis themselves are very nice.  There is more interesting detail than the first lot of Bones skeletons, so I imagined them as the remains of a patrol, hence the green and yellow livery.
Paints are mostly Vallejo, with a few Citadel foundation paints thrown in.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Bones 2; A Closer Look

I have chance to look through most of the Bonesunami and thought I should share some pics of them.
First up the Core Set.
First up the Savage Worlds and Pulp Action figures.  Whilst I have little use for these at the moment, they are nicely done, especially the undead gunslinger, and will make for good painting practice.  There are a couple of steampunkish minis that i might be able to use in Empire of the Dead.

Random scenery bits, including the Good and Evil pillars (?).  Can't have too much terrain, though i will be getting plenty in Dungeon Saga and Conan sometime soon(ish).

Character/non player character figures.  Lots of different types here, including a few non human types.  of course i have plenty already, but they are generally very nice, tough one of the barbarians has an amazingly small head, and they convert dead easy, so i'm glad to have them.

As I principally D/Gm its the monsters I want.  Here is a very good selection, including some very useful additions to Bones 1.

More monsters, including gnolls and bugbears and lots of undead.
Guess what?  More monsters, this time more giant beasts and baby dragons (aww!)

Now Expansion Set 2
Much less here, but some very fine translucent plastic tentacles, shadow beasts etc.  The town guard are great, I will have to look out for more of these.

Expansion Set 1 here, The baggies contain a Silver Dragon, a Stone Giant, a Dragon Turtle, a Squid like thing,a Giant Scorpion and a Egyptian style Animated Statue

More of Expansion 1.  Of particular use are the goblin and kobold heroes which match perfectly the goblins and kobolds in Bones 1. 

The 'Thanks You' set added towards the end of the campaign.  the little Brian Froud style bagpiper is perhaps my favorite mini of the lot.  OK the big stuff like Dragons Don't Share are BRILLIANT, but there is so much character in this little guy.

I might (if you want it) post pics of the other stuff that isn't included in the above.  I didn't get Expansion 3 as it was mostly Sci Fi stuff.  I do have Dragons Don't Share and some Hill Giants that are rather nice though.

Now if only I could get some painted......

Thursday, 5 March 2015

The Caverns of the Snake People 2

I got a fair few more of the heroic Maps cave sections completed for the D&D group.  Here is what they look like in action.
The temple of the Serpent Folk

Note, it was sunny for a change, the actual tiles look quite a bit darker in real life.

The raised section in the main cave is a layer of cardboard thicker.  In game this represents 10 foot of thigh (2 squares).  I could have done similar with the steps leading up, but the individual steps were too narrow to support a mini, so there seemed little point.
The party defeated the Serpent Folk here, ending a long encounter.  They have explored further (looking for the wizard's captured father), and are just about to encounter more creatures in another section with different tiles.

I am very pleased with the results of the tile making, the players enjoyed them too.  I will certainly continue to use them for this adventure; in the future, who knows.  i have yet to build any of the Fat Dragon cave pieces.

If you want to see more of this let me  know in the comments section.  I might also do close ups of the party of adventurers.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Happy GM's Day

For reasons that escape me 4th March is International GM's Day.
Lots of manufacturers have sales on sites like RPG Now  an excellent chance to stock up on games related stuff at a discount.  As an example Heroic Maps and Fat Dragon both have a hefty chunk off their titles.
So if your a GM, have fun, players too, and take a bit of time to remember that the co-operative story telling we all enjoy is pretty remarkable.

As a bonus Chaosium have released a free Call of Cthulhu solo scenario.  Enjoy

Monday, 2 March 2015

They're Here

Bones 2 has finally arrived.  Nearly six months after the originally proposed time, but the hold up was to get us the very best in quality so I don't mind.  It's not as if I am short of things to paint after all!
The box itself is impressive.  

And clearly contains lots of goodies, but what?

All this!

Yes that is three 'Dragons Don't Share!  I haven't gone completely mad (I hope) as not all of this is mine.  Now for checking and painting, or putting away for the shelf (loft) of shame.