Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Happy Howswatch

Technically its hogswatch Eve today, so here's a little seasonal update.
Of the various fun things I recieved, here's what I thought you all might be interested in;
Firstly, the latest set of rules from Osprey Publishing, Dragon Rampant.
This is a fantasy set of rules based on their Lion Rampant rules.  Both are aimed at doing games of around 40 to 60 figures a side.  The fantasy rules use the same rule set, but add the typical fantasy tropes.  The system has a nice way of customising units and you are encouraged to determine the stats of your force, though there are some army lists included.
I am hoping to get a game in soon at which point I will give more of a review.

Another Osprey book, and the first in a series (Dwarf Warfare is out soon).  Given my love of orcs I couldn't resist this.  Its great fun, with some lovely artwork.  I might even borrow some of the ideas next time I need an orc tribe in D&D.

This might not be gaming related, but it's the last chance to get a new Terry Pratchett book.  I sort of don't want to finish it, because then there will never be that experience of starting a brand new Discworld novel.

I have been working on a terrain project for Frostgrave and also to use on the table top in wargaming. It's based on a cheap toy I picked up on eBay, pictures when it's finished.

I also managed to get a little bit of painting in, both Son and I have been painting Reaper Bones, just for the fun of it.  I am also hoping to play some more Dungeon Saga.

I think the next post should be a look back at 2015, to see what I have managed to get done, and what I still need to finish.

So a Happy Hogswatch, and don't forget to leave the turnips out for the Hogfather's boars.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

So That's What It Is

Well a couple of you guessed, but no-one was quite right.
the white plasticard thing was a master for making my own cobble stone type bases.
I used Instant molding stuff to make a mold, then I pressed a base topped with greenstuff into the mold, producing the base.  The 3" square of the original allows me to choose different styles of flagstones.
I did a similar sort of thing for my earlier bases, but was never happy with them (partly because the original was based on a piece of model railway terrain, slightly modified).  the new master allows me more freedom, and I am happier with the result.
Painted 40mm bases for the West Wind yeti I got last weekend.  They will see use as trolls in Frostgrave, and maybe make the odd appearance in D&D as well.
A better view of two of the yeti.  They are not quite ready, I need to add some highlight to the skin, I was thinking of the dark grey skin you see on some of the larger apes.
And the other two.  I like the smaller one on the right, he (or she) could be a juvenile.

I also assembled the five Enforcers, ready for a trial game of the new Deadzone Redux.
Despite knowing that the legs are specific to individual torsos, I clipped everything out without looking; hence two of the figures are resting their feet on sprue rubble.  
These are the hard plastic Enforcers funded with the DZ1 kickstarter and are a huge improvement on the original Restic ones.  I'm sure they will all look the same when painted, but they were easier to clean up and put together.  They also included an energy gauntlet for the captain/sergeant, something that was missing from the earlier models (still no missile launcher though)

Quick note on photography.  I am still struggling to take decent pics, the colour on these is too blue/grey, in real life the minis are much warmer looking.
One project for over Christmas might have to be making a light box.

Saturday, 12 December 2015

A Few Random Bits

Just a couple of pics for now.  Firstly, any idea what this is?

Its a 3" square of plasticard with more bits of plasticard glued on top.  But can anyone guess what it is for?  I'll tell you when the next stage is complete.

I've also been thinking if I should quickly put five of these hard plastic Enforcers together.   That should give me enough to try out the new Deadzone Redux rules.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

A Grand Day Out

I had a good time today at the Wakefield and Districk Wargames Scoiety's anual show, Recon, in Pudsey.

This is possibly my favourite of the local shows, it is a bit smaller than most, but has a friendly atmosphere that the bigger ones can lack.  I also remember the first Recon show in a church hall over in Headingley, which was tiny, so its always nice to see things grow.
Apart from having a good look around, and a chat with T'Other One, I did get some goodies to keep me busy over the next several weeks.

All this, plus a bag of things from the Bring and Buy

West Wind's Yeti.  I think they will look good as Ice Trolls for Frostgrave. A bit small perhaps, but I like the shaggy coat.

Midlam Miniatures Black Panther.  With a lighter paint job it will do for a snow leopard in Frostgrave.

West Wind's Piranha Men,  they will make nice Deep Ones for Savage Aeons

Reaper Bones Young Fire Dragon, because you can't have too many dragons.

From the Bring and Buy, one of GWs Giants of Albion.  Lovely old figure, and a huge giant.

Also from the bring and buy (most of ) the Emperor's gryphon, Deathclaw.

I am pleased with all my purchases, and for once didn't come out thinking "I wish I'd bought..."
I am not sure if I should paint up the giant or sell it.  It is complete, and pretty hard to get, but i do like it, even though I'm not sure what to use him for.

I already have the Karl Franz figure to go on the gryphon, shame the beast is missing a front claw and a tail, still at £5 for both I couldn't say no.  If I can work out some form of replacement it will make a nice centrepiece for my kingdoms of Men army in Kings of War.

The Uncharted Empires book looks good.  It could be said that it is a good way for disenchanted players of other mass battle systems to re use their armies, now that their rules are no longer 

Both T'other One and myself have collections of 15mm armies, Skaven, Lizardmen, Khemri and Empire.  These new lists will allow us to dust off the old armies and use them in KoW.  All we have to do is base them appropriately and decide what ground scale to use.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Frostgrave Warband

Bowing to pressure here is the latest on my frostgrave warband.
All the minis are from the old Wizards of the Coast D&D minis pre-paints range.  I chose them because they fitted my imagined picture of what that soldier should look like, not always because of the quality of the sculpt.  All have been effectively repainted.  The bases are the original bases with flagstone cracks carved in and the same style of painting as my Dungeon Saga minis.

The Thief, actually a human bandit from the demonwebs set.  I liked the swag bag he is carrying, as that is pretty much the role I have in mind for him in Frostgrave.

The thief is varnished with gloss.  Varnish is something I am never quite sure about, but I will definitely give this a coat of anti shine.

Treasure Hunter, originally a delver sergeant.  I like the non aggressive stance and all the treasure hunting gear she carries.

This is the figure I like the best, I am very pleased with the paintjob.  The original was perhaps the dullest I have ever seen, mostly brown with silver helmet, yellow torch and pink face.

I added a sword and dagger combination from a GW empire archers set.

The apprentice, conveniently an Evoker's apprentice from the first set, Harbinger.
The detail is pretty crude, and he looks short compared to the rest of the group.  

I really like the surprised look on his face, and I think of him as a lad setting out to learn magic, probably wearing a set of his dad's old robes, which is why they look a bit too big on him.

Infantryman, or Xeph Warrior.  I only recently realised that the infantryman profile best fits a pole armed warrior, not a great ax or hammer as I had originally planned.

The figure is rather 'eastern' and I might move him to a more oriental themed warband I have been thinking of, but he will do in here for now.

A couple of points; this is only the second time I have tried OOS lighting with the Treasure Hunter's torch.  Its not quite right, but I like the effect.  Also, eyes!  I have actually had a go at painting them on a couple of the figures.  (the detail on the apprentice is too shallow for this sadly).

All the minis in the warband are linked by wearing some form of red tunic or similar.  I don't think its too obvious so it looks like a uniform or anything, but I can see the wizard insisting that all his hirelings wear some form of identifying feature to help prevent friendly fire incidents in the ruins.

The great thing about the Frostgrave project is that I have some nice minis painted for D&D as well.

I still need to work on my photography.  These were a real pain to do.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Still Here

I'm still painting , but I have taken a little break from Dungeon Saga to complete my Frostgrave warband (plus a few extras).

As these are for my Christmas Holidays game against my opponent in the Dales, I am keeping them secret for now.

Actually, they are on here somewhere if you care to look.  All D&D pre-paints that I have re done or at least added to.

Pictures (if you want them) once they have been 'blooded' in battle.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Dungeon Saga Skeletons Finished

I have finally finished the six 'basic' skeletons from the Dungeon Saga game.

They are lovely skeletons.  I am pleased with the paint job for the game, but I wish I had taken more time to clean up the mould lines and bend the figures into shape a bit more.  I should have used hotter water I think; a lesson for next time.

I have written up a more detailed stage by stage guide to how I painted these on the Reaper forum here.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Dungeon Saga Skeletons 3

Current progress

This is one of each pose with a wash of sepia and some dry brushing.
I'm not that happy with the results of the drybrushing, so I might go over  and highlight a bit more .

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Dungeon Saga Skeletons 2

Just a quick update to show progress on these bony beauties.

They take paint well and the detail is good.

I'm not aiming for a great quality paint job, as long as they look good on the board.

I have kept the same shield colours as the earlier Bones skeletons I painted here, though the green is a bit lighter.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Dungeon Saga Skeletons

I've had a chance to look at Dungeon Saga in more detail, and I have to say I am impressed.
Here are six of the skeletons included in the main game.

Reminds me of the old Heroquest skeleton

These have all been washed and given the hot water treatment, as they were a bit bent, no doubt for having been baged up and boxed.  

The plastic colour is OK for Undead straight out of the box, though I will be painting these asap.

I have also dabbed superglue under the loose foot of each skeleton, with the bending mentioned earlier, some of them looked like they were hopping around the dungeon.

They will get a fairly simple paint job, but i think they will look great when on the board.  

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Dungeon Saga Has Landed

A large box arrived whilst I was out today.  in fact it was left unattended by the side of the house, so I'm lucky some trick-or-treat-ers didn't decide it was their treat.
Anyway, the box contained several more boxes, all containing my Dungeon Saga pledge.
All this in the box at the back.  Clearly Mantic's packing staff must be good at Tetris

The basic game -front

The basic game - back

But the basic game really comes in this lovely book.

I'll post further when I have had time to digest all this.  First impressions are very good, though some of the minis are loose on their bases.  Still easy to correct, and the overall look of the thing is great.

One thing that immediately impressed me was the inclusion of a 'getting started' booklet, allowing an easy introduction to the game system and the first series of quests.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

A Question of Scale

Today I finally found some of my old Call of Cthulhu miniatures.  I bought quite a few of these old Grenadier sculpts back in the 80's, though in the end we tended to use the silhouettes provided in the old boxed set.  I even expanded my collection with some of the Citadel Gothic Horror range.

Looking at them they are nice sculpts.  Clean detail, especially with the Grenadier ones, the Citadel are less fine, with a realistic look that, for me, fits the subject matter.  I also have some of the creatures, but they haven't surfaced yet.  

Still, plenty to go at for building Threshold teams if and when I get round to Strange Aeons.

Then I put them next to the exorcist I painted for SA.

Oh Dear.

Well I suppose it has been something like 30 years, but even so.  The exorcist is on the short side next to some of my Reaper Bones too.

I can just about/nearly get away with this, after all, people are different heights.  But I am still a bit disappointed that the scales are not a little closer.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

More Mythos Madness

Two Mythos kickstarter campaigns have caught my attention.

Firstly a relaunch of the excellent Delta Green background.  The rules have been rewritten and lots of new material, as well as reissues of old stuff, will be available.  Better still it will be available in December, possibly beating Call of Cthulhu 7th edition.

Also a whole new set of supplemental material for Cthulhu Wars.  I played a couple of games of this recently, and found it great fun.  Helped perhaps by my having Great Cthulhu himself controlling the earth in the second game.

Check them out while the stars are still right.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Something Gribbly This Way Comes

I have just about completed the first two of the Strange Aeons starter pack of minis.
Firstly the bonus exorcist figure.

It's a long while since I painted anything 'realistic', so I simply googled 1920's fashions to get some idea of colour palette.  Paints are a mix of my old GW colours and Vallejo paints.

This wonderful gribbly is one of the lurker models, it fits in nicely with some of my D&D pre painted minis, and in fact will get to see some action in tonight's D&D game.

I haven't yet decided what to do about basing these.  I may go with my standard round bases with flagstone or similar texture on top, but this seems a bit odd for the Threshold agent.  If I go for the more traditional sand texture with static grass they will fit in less well with my fantasy figures, though i can see little call for  a 1920's exorcist in D&D.

they also need some form of protection, probably a coat of gloss followed by a coat of matt (or a spray of anti shine), though the monster might look quite good in gloss or silk, as though it is oozing moisture.